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5 Benefits Of Artificial Synthetic Turf

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

It has been seen that the artificial synthetic turf is now changing the dimensions of the sports by replacing the use of natural turf from over a decade. Whether it is an international level Sports Field or a school playground for basic practices, the natural turf or the typical grass field is now considered as an outdated option. The Stadiums and Schools/Colleges are now adapting to this trend of synthetic surfaces in all kinds of sports, and football is not untouched from this. Now, there are various reasons why there has been noticed a shift towards the Synthetic Turfs from Natural grass methods. Few of them are listed below: -

1. You need water to grow. Naah, not here…

In our country, not all regions are blessed with an ample amount of water. In order to maintain the lush green grass fields, you are required to use thousands of liters of water. Without enough water, the grass will get dry and dead after some time. But with the Synthetic Turf, there is no requirement of the water, at all. With just removing the watering option from the field, one can save a lot of money that they used to spend on watering the field.

2. MAINTENANCE!!! No thanks...

It sounds unreal, isn’t it? How can sports field, that will be used so roughly and sportily, requires zero maintenance. But yes, it is true. If you compare the amount of time and money that is required to maintain 25,000 square feet natural grass field, with the Synthetic Turf, then it is almost negligible. There is no need to mow the field every week. For the private club owners, it is a complete blessing. They can utilize their resources on other kinds of stuff, and save money too.

3. Pesticides and fertilizers, not required: -

In order to maintain the plushness of the natural grass fields, it is required to use the harsh pesticides and fertilizers on a regular basis. The larger the field is, the bigger the amount of money you need to spend on it. Hence, by using synthetic turf, you can save not only money but also, environment. Without using any chemical, the turf will be going to stay green and toxic-free for years.

4. Durability? Sports ready…

To the places where the field is going to be overused using the Synthetic Turf is the best option you can have. In the case of grass fields, practically, it cannot remain lush green if it is used more than three to four times a week. Additionally, in the rainy season, or the time of the year, when it does not grow, the base or the surface will become rock hard, results in NOT AT ALL SAFE to play. While the Synthetic turf is ready to serve your need anytime you want, 24x7x365. It is designed in such a way that it can withstand the rigorous wear and tear, for a long period of time.

5. Cooldown period, lesser than the player.

Synthetic turfs are designed to be used heavily. In the case of natural grass, the recovery period is required in order to be ready for the next event. You can organize only a limited number of sports events in a year with grass fields. But with Synthetic Turf, you are not even required to wait for a day. You can conduct an international sports event even after the day of installation, or even after the day of another international sports event.

Hence, it can be seen that the use of artificial Synthetic Turf is a real money saver deal for schools, colleges, and even private club-owners. And that too without compromising the quality of the game.

We, at AMICO SPORTS, understand the importance of the Synthetic Turf. We provide world-class quality FIFA Approved Turf to our clients. We use the filling of Rubber Granules and Silica sand for the cushion effect to prevent players from injuries. Our Dtex Range is from 11000-14000, with a gauge of 5/8 inch and stitching rate 150/m. the Turf has a monofilament structure with smooth fibers for optimal ball rolling. Along with that, it is resistant to weather, moisture, Ozone, and fluctuations in temperature.

Last but not the least, we will give you 5 YEARS WARRANTY.

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