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Impact of Playing Sports on Immune System

Updated: May 23, 2020

As a School/College, it is one’s responsibility to not only help the students in their academics but also focus on their overall development. In the last couple of decades, it has been seen that the main concern of the institutions is to improve the academics of the students. They are failing to maintain an adequate balance between academics and sports.

There is a big reason why the immune system of modern students is not capable enough to fight even a common cold or cough. The change in a lifestyle at home is also responsible for that. They spent more time on their or their parent’s smartphones, televisions, laptop, etc. rather than breaking their sweat on the field. These conditions might not look that alarming right now, but when they grow older, their body gets more susceptible to chronic diseases.

Spending even half an hour on the ground, while playing any sports is enough to keep their body functioning at its best. It has been found and proved in several pieces of research on how physical activities such as playing sports helps in strengthening the immune system.

Benefits of Playing Sports on Immune System

Flushing the Bad Bacteria

Indulging in physical activities makes the ‘bad bacteria’ to flush out from the lungs via airways. This has a significant effect on the reduction of one’s chances to get cold, flu, cough, and other illness.

Playing a 30 mins session of Basketball on an 8-layer Acrylic Synthetic by Amico Sports will help make the students getting all tired and sweaty.

The WBCs

The WBCs (White Blood Cells) or the antibodies of our system, witness substantial changes due to involvement in physical activities. The WBCs are the army of the cells that helps the body to fight against any disease. The WBCs functions more speedily and detect any sign of illness faster than before.

Playing three sets 15 points each in Badminton on 4.5 mm PVC Synthetic Court by Amico Sports might help in getting these Army of cells activated.

A rise in Body Temperature

When the temperature of the body rises, during, and after the involvement in physical activities, it helps in preventing the growth of the bacteria. This enables the body to fight against the infection better.

To prevent the bacteria from growing, 30 mins session of football on a 50 mm Synthetic Turf by Amico Sports, is enough to raise the body temperature.

Stress Hormones

The release of stress hormones takes a serious dip once you are involved in physical activities. They play major roles in increasing the probability of getting ill.

Running on an Athletic Track made up of 13 mm PU-EPDM by Amico Sports, for 15 mins might help in lowering these stress hormones.


Schools/colleges need to create a perfect harmony between Academics & Sports for students. They should motivate students to take part in physical activities. They must provide proper Sports Infrastructure for them where they can break their sweat.

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