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Poly-Propylene (PP) Tiles - all you need to know about!

The sports industry is booming at a fast pace. We are witnessing transformations in almost all the sectors of it. Whether it is in the form of athletes performance or the infrastructure, the dimensions are changing every year.

One of the major change we have witnessed in recent times is related to the infrastructure of sports. And introduction of Poly-propylene tiles is among one of them. Poly-propylene tiles, or, as we say, PP Tiles, are the latest introduction in sports flooring infrastructure. It surely have, revolutionised the way we looked at the sports floorings.

The reason why these are introduced in the market because of the short life and high maintenance of traditional sports floorings. In addition to the, there are various other advantages too. But first, let's look at the properties of PP Tiles.

Properties of PP Tiles

The PP Tiles comes with various dimensions. At Amico Sports, you will get the 303 mm x 300 mm size. It comes in two variants, i.e., Single Mesh & Double Mesh.

Single Mesh, or single layer PP Tiles consists of one layer of meshing. It is light weight and best suited for light uses. The thickness of single mesh PP tiles is 13.7 mm.

Double Mesh, or double layer PP Tiles consists of Two layers of meshing. It is the most durable product and can withstand rough use because of the strength it possess. The thickness of double mesh PP Tiles is 15.3 mm. It is one of the best selling product at Amico Sports.

Advantages of the PP Tiles

1. Easy Installation

First of all, they are very easy to install. They can be laid on concrete surface, Asphalt sports surface, or any kind of flat hard base. The tiles consists of interlocks on two of its sides. There is no requirement of glue, screws, or any special tools for fixation of PP Tiles.

2. Colors

The PP Tiles comes in various colours, such as, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, etc. Hence, you can get the eye-catching designs for courts.

3. Ventilated Design

The model of the PP Tiles is specially designed to make the base “breathe”. The pores on the tiles serves various benefits to the court. First, because of these pores, the water & dust does not get logged on the surface of the court. It has been seen that, water logging during rains on the traditional courts results in damaging the courts more than anything else. Also, the base (concrete or asphalt), after the application of traditional acrylic courts, does not able to breathe, hence, results in developing the cracks on the surface. While with the PP Tiles, water does not logged on the PP Tiles surface. They passes through the holes, and flows through the drainage of the court.

4. Shock absorption

Along with that, it ha been noticed that because of playing long sessions on hard courts, most of the people (especially 45+ ) experience knee/joints pains. In order to rectify this problem, our PP Courts are designed to provide optimal cushioning. With 15.3 mm of thickness, and well-designed bottom patterns, you will get desired shock absorption.

5. Durability

And last but not the least, durability. PP Tiles are the most durable sports surface. You will get 8-10 years of warranty on the courts with a life of 12-15 years. It is 4-5 times from the other synthetic surface.

PP Tiles have revolutionise the way the sports surfaces are made. With higher durability, lesser maintenance and easy installation-relocation, PP Tiles by Amico Sports are becoming favourite sports surfaces of athletes and institutions.

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