Basketball court can be installed both indoors and outdoors.
There exist many products by which the Basketball court can be developed.
For indoor purpose, the Badminton Court can be developed by Multi-Purpose PVC Synthetic Flooring and Wooden Court. And for outdoors, the Badminton Court can be developed by Acrylic Synthetic System, PP Tiles & PU.


It is special heterogeneous PVC flooring possess Innovative characteristics, which assure unique advantages to the player, both from point of technical details and appearance. A cross – Linked polymer system in the wear layer would assure the easy maintenance and high wear resistance in the whole life time of product.


Two kinds of woods are primarily used for Badminton Wooden Flooring, Teak wood & Maple wood. Wooden Sports Flooring finished with 40 mm thick and in random length in tongue and groove shape. The edges of the boards will have a finger lock groove and the bottom side with air pass groove and treated with special anti-termite and water-resistant lacquer. Teak wood is the hardest of hard woods and is the recommended wood for Badminton court. All major tournaments are played on Teak/Maple Wood Floor only.


The outdoor synthetic court of Acrylic will be consisting of different layers of different materials in order to give it a world class quality. We understand how important it is to make the sporting surface which can help the layers to perform well. We, at Amico Sports, provide the highest quality of synthetic sports surfaces.

The first layer will be of Asphalt or the concrete base. After that, the next layer will be of the Concrete Primer which is a high strength acrylic primer that helps in enhancing the adhesion of the court acrylic coatings. The next layer will be of Acrylic Resurfacer which is the 100% acrylic based emulsion blended with selected fibers and fillers to be used for smoothing rough pavements. The next coating will be of Rubber Cushion which helps in giving smother finish and better level of comfort. After that, the Color Coating is provided applied which is wear resistance. It is a 100% acrylic emulsion consisting of brilliant pigments and quality polymers that are blended into a highly concentrated form.


PP tiles are interlocking tiles which are gaining huge popularity among the various outdoor flooring options available. The high-quality plastic used is highly sustainable and long-lasting. PP tile is highly portable & gives flexibility to the customer to choose the desired design pattern. It can be installed as per the convenience and requirement.